The Military Vest / Entirely Thrifted Outfit

If you can't tell from this color palette of this outfit... I am extremely ready for fall. I do love bright colors (like my previous post) But in all honesty - I am so over the 100 degree weather, sweating profusely when I leave the house, and not being able to wear a sweater! So I decided for a more muted color palette. 

I also decided on this outfit on Monday because it was National Thrift Shop day! And this outfit is entirely thrifted! I recently thrifted the vest but it's originally from H&M. Some of the buttons are a little loose but I found it for 2 dollars and I just couldn't pass it up! I love how military inspired it is! ButI also feel a bit like I'm in a marching band when I wear it too. I can definitely see getting a ton of use out of this in the fall. (You'll also see from many of my posts I am addicted to vests!!) 

I thrifted the gray skirt on the same thrifting trip and it is originally from Express. I originally picked it up to wear under a sheer purple Maxi skirt I have but I decided I liked it on its own too much! My brown/salmon colored shirt is originally from H&M. 

My shoes are probably my favorites part of this outfit. They are indeed little boy shoes but when I saw them they were in perfect condition and I couldn't pass them up! When I brought them home from the thrift store I showed them to my dad. He promptly went to his room and grabbed the same pair of shoes out of his closet!! What a hilarious and wonderful find. I've had them for about a year or two now and they've still held up great! My floral socks are hand-me-downs from my Mom and I wear them all the time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments! 
Did you celebrate National Thrift Shop day? 



  1. I love muted colour palettes like this, especially when the weather isn't so warm - your vest is awesome!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. thanks, Alice! I definitely plan on wearing this outfit when it gets cooler with some tights!!

  2. I love your outfit, especially the shoes!

  3. I am so ready for the fall as well :)
    Lovely outfit! Casual & pretty!
    xox Nadia