The BEST MOISTURIZER for dry/sensitive skin!

I've been wanting to write some more product reviews on my blog so I decided to write about my all-time favorite moisturizer because I recently picked it up again. 

To preface - I have pretty sensitive skin and very dry skin. I've tried a few different moisturizers including the Simple moisturizer but that really didn't work for my face at all. 

Denim Vest for Fall

Since it is finally officially fall I decided to show you how I'd wear my favorite denim vest for the changing seasons. I showed you how I wore it with my favorite boyfriend jeans here but I wanted to incorporate it into a fall outfit today.

Grid Print Dress

While you are reading this - I am coming home from a trip to Arkansas! I know, Arkansas doesn't sound too exciting but I went to college there it will always hold my heart~~ but anyways.

I've been looking for a grid print dress for a really long time. I am so on board with the grid print trend and I think I'll definitely be wearing it when it's not "trendy" anymore. (But I do that all the time let's be honest) So, I found the perfect one at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago! 

Army Green

Green is by far my favorite color. However, I don't own a whole lot of it in regards to clothes. (Now if you saw my room it would be a different story!) I don't know why that is though. But since it is finally fall I decided to whip out some army green for the changing seasons. If only the weather would listen - it is still boiling in the South! I'm over it.

Anyways - the outfit. 

The Button Front skirt

I've been looking for a button up skirt for a long time. I started seeing the denim variety pop up this summer and I wanted in. I've always been a fan of Skater Skirts but an A-line skirt was something I was intrigued by. I'd see tons of the denim skirts in stores like H&M or Topshop but I wasn't willing to pay 20$ for one skirt. So when I saw this striped skirt at the thrift store a few weeks ago I had to pick it up!

8 Thrifting / Charity Shop Tips

Ok - this photo isn't a thrift store. it's my room. But you get the point. 

This is a post I've been thinking about doing since I started my blog almost three months ago. 
I know a lot of people are skeptical of thrift/charity shops but I want to change that! I think you can find the best pieces at the fraction of the cost of the normal retailer. 
And I've got a few tips for finding them!

1.    Don’t go in with expectations
My first piece of advice is – Don’t go in with expectations. That is the whole fun of going to thrift store! You never know what you are going to come out with. I’ve come out with scarves, shoes, mugs, home d├ęcor, and so much more! You really have no idea what you are going to find so keep your mind open to all the possibilities!

2.    Be patient
Chances are if you are looking for a specific piece of clothing or accessory and you go back often, it will eventually be there! I know Goodwill puts out new items almost daily so it’s always a new adventure if I go frequently. It might take you a long time to find what you’re looking for but you won’t be spending much once you do! Something I’m currently looking for is a Suede jacket and I’m determined!

3.    Familiarize yourself with good brands / Look for Vintage! 
This somewhat contradicts my first point but go in knowing what brands are worth buying. I’m not saying don’t pick up something originally from Forever 21 or H&M but just make sure it’s in good quality. I have a forever 21 button-down that I’ve had for years that I thrifted and it is still holding up fine! But overall, I try and look for pieces I know will last a long time – J.crew,  madewell, topshop, the loft, etc. I’ve found some really nice J.crew sweaters and designer finds at thrift stores. You just really have to search for them! I’ve also found higher end items that didn’t end up working for me but I’ve sold them on Vinted for a lot more! I also try and keep an eye out for good vintage pieces as well.

4.    Try on everything
If you’re skeptical about trying it on, do it anyway! You never know what something might look like on you as opposed to the hanger. I have been pleasantly surprised by a lot of the pieces I thought wouldn’t work because it looked too big or weird on the hanger. I spend far too long in the dressing room but it’s worth it.

5.    Take your time.
Whenever I go into a thrift store, I always give myself a few hours. I try and go through almost all the racks (including the boys and men’s) because you never know what you might find. I also try on so many pieces so it can take a while!

6.    Find out when the sales are
Thrift stores/Charity Shops are already really cheap. But I have started only going when they have 50% off days. (my favorite thrift store has one every Monday!) Normally stores have certain tags 50% that day but I would ask a sales associate when they have bigger sales. It’s worth it!

7.    Check out multiple stores
I tend to go to my favorite thrift store once a week on 50% off day but I also like to check out other stores in case there are some other hidden gems! There normally are.

8.    Inspect the clothing before you buy!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a thrift shop, found something I loved, gotten in line to buy it and realized there is a hole or big stain and end up not picking it up! Thrift stores, unlike consignment shops, take everything. So, you want to inspect the clothing really closely before you pick it up for any flaws, excessive piling/wear or anything like that. I did buy a shirt once that was missing a button and was able to replace it really easily but that is the only time I’ve really taken that chance.

I hope these tips helped! Let me know what you think in the comments down below! 




The Perfect Dress from Summer to Fall


I am really excited because I'm posting five times this week! Today I'm back with another outfit post and it's all about transitioning from summer to fall (my favorite season!) I'm a sucker for a good shirt dress and this vintage looking one is perfect for the transitioning weather.

I thrifted this dress a month or so ago and I absolutely adore it. It's orginally from Modcloth, which I was very excited about. I love Modcloth but can never seem to afford any of their clothing so finding it second hand is always a great day! This dress so lightweight but still perfect for fall. It's still fairly warm here so this dress is perfect if its a little hot during the day and cooler at night. Did I mention it is also the most comfortable fabric!? 

 (ignore the fact that I look photoshopped here. I don't know why. I'm not.)

Another thing I love about this dress are the details. It's got such cute buttons on the top as well as a cute tie at the bust on the back. I didn't think the tie at the bust would be flattering but I actually really like it!

As for my shoes, I wore my fringe brown sandals from Target. (I saw them in the sale a few days ago if you want to check them out!) I can't wait until I can start wearing boots. I am getting very bored of my shoes at the moment. But these fringe sandals have definitely been a staple of mine this summer. 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post! Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Tomorrow I'll be bringing to you my September thrift haul!




The Denim Jacket


I don't know why but I am on such a roll with blogging! I am trying to post every other day to everyday and I think I'm doing pretty well so far! This type of photography is so different than the fine art photography I got my degree in and was trained for but I am enjoying it! (Especially with my beautiful new lens!) But I'd be interested in how often my readers would like posts? Let me know if you have an opinion on the matter!

Anyways - I'm back with a new outfit post (surprise, surprise). And it finally felt like fall when I was shooting these so I figured I'd bring out my favorite denim jacket.

I'm sure you'll see this denim jacket in a lot of other posts this A/W but it is just so versatile! I picked mine up from Old Navy probably two years ago but I know you can find them anywhere. I love mine for fall because it's a darker wash but it can still go with black skinny jeans or a even a very dark wash. Today, I paired it with a maroon skater skirt from H&M that I picked up in the sale last summer for 7$! (You'll definitely be seeing it a lot this A/W a lot too...) It's definitely one of my favorite skirts. 

As for my shirt, I paired it with a grid printed tank-top I thrifted this summer (orginally from Target.) I loved how the top and the skirt went together but the shirt poofed out a little, which I partially why I added the jacket. I also added a necklace I thrifted this summer for 4$! I got my black booties from Nordstrom last fall (Children's size...) but I'm sure they have a similar variation for this fall! Such a classic piece.

But probably my favorite part of the outfit - the hat! It's a felt hat with stunning floral detailing and once the weather starts to get cooler I can't stop wearing it! I received it as a gift but it was originally from Nordstrom. I also wore the same ring in my last post

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The Maxi Skirt


I'm back with another outfit post. 
I also have very exciting news - I got a new camera lens! I decided on the Nikon 35mm and I am LOVING it so far. It really is an incredible lens. I'll probably do an in-depth review in the coming weeks but so far I am obsessed with it! F1.8? yes, PLEASE! It might take me a little while to get the hang of it so please hang in there photo wise on my blog! I also ordered a remote control so that should help a lot!

Anyways - onto the outfit! Sorry if the lighting is off - had to photograph inside because it was pouring rain! 

I've never found a maxi skirt that fits me (I'm only 4'9"!) as they tend to swallow me. I found this beautiful sheer purple one while I was thrifting a while back and I love it! Now that the weather is cooling down I find myself reaching for it a lot. Because it is so sheer I just wear a basic black skirt from H&M underneath (that was also thrifted). 


My floral crop top was also thrifted. I've been waiting weeks to wear it because it's thicker and 3 quarter length so it has been far too hot in Georgia for ant of that! My necklace was a gift and it has my birthstone in it! I think it just adds a little something to the outfit. I also added a silver ring that I've had for ages! It's also really hard for me to find rings because my hands are so small but this one fits perfectly! 

I again went with a golden-bronze eye look. It's been my go-to lately. A youtube tutorial will be up this week on it and I'm actually really happy with it. 

That's it! As always - I hope you enjoyed this post and get ready for this blog to move onto the NEXT LEVEL with photos! I'm very excited and I hope you are too. 
Let me know what you think in the comments below! 




TOPSHOP Paisley Pants


It's been a few days since I posted my last outfit post so here is a new one! With this look I wanted to focus on these Paisley printed trousers I got from Topshop a few weeks ago in the sale section for only 15 dollars! I got the petite size and they fit me perfectly! I normally need to get pants hemmed but not these. They're a really comfortable cigarette fit, which I haven't really tried before.

I wanted the rest of my outfit to be pretty simple so I just added this black muscle tee I thrifted this summer and my classic black flats. I just think the plants speak for themselves! I also added a bolo tie like necklace I got at an estate sale. I've  been trying to find the perfect outfit to wear it with and I think it adds just the perfect amount of something. (ignore my chipped nails!) 

It's still so hot where I am but this outfit would transition great for the colder months. The trousers are pretty thick so they'd keep me warm. I could replace the tank with a long sleeve top and sweater and be perfect for fall! 

I've also been working on some new fall make-up looks and I am loving this warm toned look! There will be a youtube tutorial up later this week that I am really excited to post so stay tuned for that! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Let me know what you think in the comments.



Budget Skincare Routine

Today I'm bringing to you my budget skincare routine! 

I'll be the first to admit I wasn't too big into skincare up until about a year ago but I think I've finally found a system that works for me and that will hopefully work for you!

 *Yes, i use a LOT of simple products. Not sponsored obvs. but I just love their skincare. *

I've been thankful not to have too bad of skin but I do have some breakouts here and there. My skin is also really dry.So I'll start off with my morning skincare routine and then my nighttime one! 

In the morning I normally do the first two steps in the shower just because I find it the easiest way to do it. 

I start off with the SImple Moisturizing face wash, which I find really gentle and cleansing at the same time. It doesn't have an fragrance and is just a really gentle face wash. I also don't find it to dry me out at all. 

Every other day (or if I'm just feeling really grimy!) I use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which is such a steal for such a fantastic product! I find that this exfoliates my skin but isn't too harsh. And it smells INCREDIBLE! It definitely leaves my skin feeling so so clean. 

After I get out of the shower I've been using a toner just to get any other dirt that might be on my face (mostly if I don't use the exfoliator) and I've been loving the Simple Soothing Toner. I love that it is 100% alcohol free so it doesn't dry out my skin but leaves it feeling fresh and clean. I never understood the importance of toner but I really think it helps to put on my make-up smoother and leaves my face a lot cleaner! 

I then put on moisturizer because by this point my face is pretty dry. I've been using the Up and Up Moisturizer, which is a great deal and has SPF! I like to use a moisturizer with SPF during the day and one without before I go to bed. This doesn't break me out and leaves my skin feeling really soft. I will say if you don't like the sun screen smell - this might not be for you! 

My nighttime skincare routine is a lot less involved. I've been taking my make-up (if i wear it that day) with the Simple Micellar Water, which has been a total game changer! I mentioned it in my August favorites as well but my opinion is still the same. Such a great product! It doesn't burn my eyes and is so light on my skin. It also leaves it feeling pretty moisturized!! 

After I like to go over with my simple toner again just to make sure I got all my make-up off. If I didn't wear make-up that day I normally just use this to quickly clean my face. 

After that I use a moisturizer. I've been using the Clinique Moisture Surge Nighttime Mask, which I've really been enjoying. I've been using a sample size for about a week and I've got a LOT left! The full size only costs 8 dollars so this product really doesn't break the bank for being clinique! It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft even the next morning! It's also fragrance free, which I like. 

Well that's it! That is my daily skincare routine. 
Let me know what you think in the comments below!




September Clinique Free Gift Review

I'm back today with a beauty related posts! I normally buy from the drugstore but today's post is some high end products but it's also how you can save money and get a ton of free items!

I recently headed to Bloomingdales to get some Clinique products I've run out of. I'm a steadfast fan of their mascara considering my sensitive eyes and it's overall the best mascara I've tried. But I only ever buy new products from Clinique if they have a free gift with purchase going on, which they do at Bloomingdales! I normally never go to department stores but I have such sensitive eyes and I have to be so careful about what I put on them.

 You get a free gift of EIGHT products if you spend 32$ or more... which is sadly not that hard to do with clinique! But I've found when you also get a free gift it really evens out the cost! The gift always comes in an adorable make-up bag - this one a cute pink, orange, and white floral design. It also comes with a few skincare luxury samples as well as quite a few make up bits! 

I am a huge fan of Clinique's skincare - I just can't bring myself to buy it full size so getting these little samples are perfect! I've found they last quite a long time too! 

The first skincare product is the Clinique Take the Day off Make-up Remover (19). I actually haven't tried this product before so I'm excited to see how it works! I've tried their cleansing milk to take off make-up so I'm eager to see how this compares. Hopefully it doesn't burn my eyes! 

The next product is the Clinique Clarifying Lotion (23$), which is a toner. I've recently been really getting into skincare but I have found this kind to be a little harsh on my skin. It also has that very, very strong alcohol scent! 

I also got a deluxe sample of the moisture surge overnight mask (8$), which actually isn't too expensive! I've been using this as my night moisturizer for the past week and have really enjoyed it! Because it is so thick you only need a very thin layer so I think this sample size will last a long time! It definitely leaves my skin incredibly moisturized in the morning. 


 As for make-up I got a few different products that I am so excited to try out! 

I got the high impact mascara (16$), which I LOVE so I'm very excited to have a back up. This mascara lasts all day, lengthens, and gives great volume. 

I also got a sample of the chubby stick whole lotta honey (16$). I've swatched this and it really doesn't have much color, which I am perfectly okay with. It just gives your lips a nice sheen. I'm interested to see how this holds up.

I also got a mini eyeshadow palette and I think these colors will work WONDERFULLY for fall! I'm a big fan of clinique eyeshadows so I think these shades will be perfect to work into my fall make up routine. 

Last I got the quickliner in brown. I've never been one for pencil eyeliners but I actually really enjoy this one. It gives a very simple look and doesn't smudge. It's a little stiff to apply but I think that's just something i'll have to work with. I've been wanting to try a brown eyeliner so I'm really glad I got this. 

So I'd say if you need anything from Clinique in the next two weeks I'd go pick it up and get your free gift! I think it's a pretty good deal for everything I got! This is definitely the best one I've gotten so far. 

Let me know what you think in the comments or if you've tried any of these products! 


Accessorizing 101: T-shirt and Jeans

Today I'm bringing something a little different! I wanted to talk about how to transform a t-shirt and jeans into a really beautiful outfit! 

I started out with my light wash skinny jeans from American Eagle and a plan baseball tee from Urban Outfitters. (wait, what - i didn't thrift anything for this outfit! but wait!) 

To make this outfit a little more interesting than your basic t-shirt and jeans I added a fun floral kimono and the necklace from my last post! I've featured this kimono before but I think it can look fantastic with simple skinny jeans as well! It's also perfect for this time of year because it can still be hot where I am and this kimono is so light and airy! 

I think adding a few accessories - like a necklace or a lightweight kimono can add vibrancy to an otherwise dull outfit! For the fall I'd definitely trade out the lightwash denim for a darker wash and perhaps something with some rips! I think this type of outfit can work for any time of year. 

I absolutely adore this skinny jeans because of the detailing on the sides! Isn't it stunning? It's also really subtle and delicate, which I think definitely goes along with this outfit! 

Let me know what you think of the outfit I created in the comments below!