Style Inspiration: First Aid Kit (music)

Shorts for Autumn/Winter

Western Vibes // Button front Denim Dress

Turtlenecks and Paris

I am SO sorry two posts went out on Saturday. That was definitely not supposed to happen. 

Rain boots

I love dainty shoes like flats and loafers but sometimes I have to go with a more practical choice. 

Pink Florals

Style Inspiration: Twin Peaks (television)

I've been thinking about doing some style inspiration posts for a while. I figured I'd start with one of my favorite television shows - Twin Peaks. 

Midi Skirts and plaid shirts

Turtlenecks and denim

I've picked up a few turtlenecks from the thrift store recently and I've become pretty obsessed. 

Boho vibes

This isn't a look I'd normally go for but for some reason I wanted to try the whole 'boho vibes' kind of look. 

Monochrome and dreary days

I have another post featuring children's clothing today. Oops.

Lace-up shirt & mini update

I'm a little late to the trend but that's what always happens when you buy things from the thrift store! I actually took these photos a while ago but am just posting them now.... Oops. 

October Favorites (Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Music)

It's a little late than never but I figured I'd still get one of these out to you guys! I also decided to do this in blog format as opposed to youtube. 

Red, red, red

One of the main things I look for when I get dressed is how comfortable I am. This look is definitely one of my most comfortable looks while still looking put together. 

Black and Gold

Even though it's the day after halloween - I love a good graveyard.