Rain boots

I love dainty shoes like flats and loafers but sometimes I have to go with a more practical choice. 

This was the only spare moment of the day where it wasn't pouring rain so I grabbed my rainboots and headed to the park to grab some shots before I got drenched. I used to have these very adorable bright green rainboots but they got a hole in them. So, I found these pretty boring black and dark green ones at the thrift store. I think they are actually meant to be used on a farm but I'm perfectly okay with that! 

I started the outfit off with a black dress and then layered my sheep sweater on top. I have quite the affinity for animal sweaters and this one was the start of the addiction. I got it from forever 21 probably 5 years ago and I always seem to wear it a few times in the A/W. Because it was a little chillier I threw on my military inspired jacket I picked up when I lived in Ireland. 

My hat is another Ireland find. I went to Belfast one weekend to explore and ended up going to the St. George Market on a Sunday. It's basically a huge indoor market with a bunch of vendors selling food, clothing, etc! If I hadn't been going back to Dublin that day I would have picked up a ton of food! An older man was selling these handmade hats and I had to pick one up. It's so warm and perfect for this time of year. 

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