Wishing I Were Home

For Thanksgiving I had quite a difficult time getting home. Apparently Christmas is going to be no different. 

It's Christmas eve and I'm currently stranded at the airport. On Thanksgiving I was flying out the Wednesday evening before and my flight got cancelled. I ended up getting to Atlanta at 3am, sleeping at the airport, and catching another flight at 8am. It was pretty horrendous, to be honest. 

This time there is another plane malfunction (seriously???) so my flight's been delayed for a few hours. So. Here I am writing a blog post! I normally don't have this much trouble with flights but for some reason this holiday season has not been on my side! Normally, my travel stories end with a happy ending that I get a lot of free airline miles or something but no such luck recently. 

I took some photos inside yesterday because I felt like getting some blog content done but it was raining. I am excited to visit some of my old blog photo locations from when I started this blog. I'm excited for a lot of things in the upcoming week. No work, lots of running, good food, family and friends I haven't seen in a long time! It should be really relaxing. 

Sweater: Vintage 
Shirt, Skirt, and Shoes: Thrifted 
Tights: Forever 21

What's your worst travel story? 
Happy holidays! 



Winter Blues

You've probably noticed things have been quiet over here for a while. I've been really sick the past month or so. First I was having some really bad chronic nausea (which seems to have subsided thankfully!) and then I got hit with a terrible cold. I was planning on shooting some new blog content this weekend but that just didn't happen. the last thing I wanted to do was wake up early and go shoot when I was feeling so crummy. So, I thought I'd share some of my favorite outfits from last winter until I go home this weekend and can shoot some more. 

I also might do a roundup of my favorite outfits from this year (not just winter) but that won't be until early January. 

I've been feeling a bit disconnected from the blogging world lately. Since I decided to take things slow on this blog, I've had trouble writing down my thoughts. I haven't even been thrifting in a really long time (maybe a month?)! It's not that I've lost interest in blogging or thrifting but I've got some other things on my mind. I want to get back out and shoot so hopefully some time away from work will be just what I need to get back on track with this. 

It's so strange to look back at these photos, honestly. This year feels like it's gone by really quickly. It's been a difficult but also really rewarding year. I've moved to an entirely new city, found a job, found a love for running again, and so much more! I also burned myself out from this blog and working full-time (and trying to build a social life, applying to school, etc etc etc). But I took some time away and I'm ready to get back into things. I know I keep saying that lately but I do mean it. 

Can you believe the year is almost over?
Let me know in the comments! 



Sephora Play - November!

It's been a while since I've done a beauty post! To clarify from my last post - I will be posting on this blog but just not on instagram. I'm still trying to figure out a schedule that will work because I'm not sure I can commit to three posts per week but we'll see!

I recently started subscribing to the Sephora PLAY box. I've never gotten a beauty subscription box but a friend of mine recommended this one and it's only $10! I was pretty pleased with my first box so I thought I'd show you what I got! And I might have subscribed because of the blog content....

November's theme was "Best in Glow" so it featured a myriad of products to help either give you a natural glow or give you a little help with it! 

The first product is the Glam Glow Hydrating Thirstymud Treatment, which I was really excited to try out. It's a really nice mask for clearing up my skin BUT very drying. I definitely wouldn't pay $70 for a full size. 

The next product is the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. This is a really nice moisturizer. It didn't irritate my skin (like most) and left it fairly hydrated. But again, I don't know if I would pay $40 for it. 

One product I haven't tried yet is the Cover FX Illuminating Primer. I haven't been wearing much face makeup lately but when I do, I'll definitely be giving this a try! 

Probably my favorite thing from this box is the Laura Mercier Cavier Stick Eye Color. I've been wearing it everyday since I got it! It lasts all day and is the perfect champagne color for this time of year. I'm obsessed. 

One product I honestly didn't even try is the Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss. It's a hot pink color and I really hate lip glosses so I didn't even bother. 

The box also comes with a perfume sample each time, which is fun but I normally stick to the same perfume (a-hem cologne) everyday. 

Would you get the Sephora Play box? 
Let me know in the comments! 



Feeling the Pressure

I've had a tab open to the draft of this blog post for almost 3 days. I took these photos a while ago, which is maybe why I don't have much to say about them.  I don't know why this post has been so difficult to write.

But I did something I doubt you'd ever hear a blogger say - I (temporarily) disabled my Instagram account. I can't say exactly why I did it but it feels good. It was causes me more stress than good because I'd need to post everyday. I'd obsessively check my follower count. And I got discouraged that I was growing at the rate of other bloggers who started around the same time as me. So, I got rid of it. For now. I might bring it back but I don't know. I want this blog to feel fun again, which it hasn't for a while. I've been so focused on growing it for it to become my "career" and I've come to the realization that I don't know if I want that. At least, not right now. 

I think I'm feeling the pressure a little bit in other aspects of my life so I want to take this back to being a hobby I enjoy. It's not that I've stopped enjoying creating content. It's quite the opposite. I stopped enjoying trying to build my "brand" or whatever. I stopped enjoying self promoting my work. I started this blog as a photographic outlet for me, which I think (for now) is how I want it to stay. 

Dress: Thrifted 
Hat: Handmade
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom 

Do you ever feel pressured by blogging? 
Let me know in the comments! 



Feeling Like a Fake

This post is a bit late... but alas. I'm sitting in the airport so I thought I should at least try and get this post up before things get too crazy for me. 

Sometimes I feel like a fake on this blog. I wish I had the time to go out and shoot the outfit I wore that day but it just doesn't happen like that for me. When you shoot all your own photos you have to plan when (and where!) you're going to take them. It's hard. So, sometimes I just think about an outfit I'd love to wear but haven't for some reason and shoot that. Unlike my blog might suggest, I don't wear makeup everyday. I don't normally wear dresses in the woods. It sure does feel nice to get dressed up sometimes. 

But this outfit is not a pre-planned outfit. Last weekend I spent a considerable amount of time in a coffee shop working away on ~the future~ and I needed something comfortable. This outfit has pretty much become my fall uniform. It's simple, comfortable and something I feel good in. I go through phases with jeans and pants and right now, I am loving them. 

 I want to show my most  authentic self here but sometimes it doesn't feel "blogger worthy" or interesting, which I suppose is why I couldn't post an outfit post everyday. If this were my full-time job I definitely could but it's not. And sometimes I wear the same dress once a week haha. 

I've also been running a lot more as of late (which I've mentioned) so I've been putting in a lot less effort with what I look like because I know I'm just going to change and get super sweaty. It's especially hard to want to put on makeup or nice clothes on the weekend because I'm just wearing running clothes or something simple like the outfit here. It's also strange because some of my friends only know me as a runner so they only see me in those types of clothes. Or some friends only know me at work so they only see me in my work clothes. It's good to have a lot of different sides to your personality but it's also weird because I feel like I'm (unintentionally) hiding part of who I am. 

Do you ever feel like a fake? 

Let me know what you think in the comments! 



a Walk in the Woods

I've had these photos sitting on my hard drive for about two weeks now. After the election I didn't want to use these photos for my return BUT I really like these photos. My dear friend Lauren from The Chic-Ethique took them after we got coffee one afternoon. Whenever I get together with Lauren and Brynna it feels really natural. I feel like we've been friends for a lot longer than a few months. 

We grabbed coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops in town and then headed to a park just down the road. I discovered this park on my hiking meetup (see the post: Here). It's pretty secluded, quiet, and has tons of trails to explore! I love that it's in the middle of the city too. Such a cool concept. I thought the entrance was really far away but turns out there are entrances all over! 

In all honesty, I'm having a really hard time balancing everything in my life right now. I work full time, run this blog, started training for a marathon AND am applying to grad schools! I took a day off for myself on Sunday, which was really nice considering my thanksgiving is going to be a bit crazy in terms of travel. I thought I had a really good system for blogging and working full-time but now I've added so many other things into the mix.... and now I have a social life?? It's hard, y'all. I just wish I had more time to work on this space. 

 How do you handle it all? 



From Fine Art to Fashion Photography

I've mentioned a few times that in 2015 I graduated with a degree in photography. Well, technically it was "Studio Art" so I took a lot of different art classes from drawing to printmaking but the majority of my work was in photography.

My friend Alice suggested I write about going from fine art photography to now - fashion photography, which is such a difference.

I'm very proud of the work I made in college - at least my senior year. When I started taking photography my sophomore year I started experimenting with self-portraits. It became a really important way for me to figure myself out while also being creative. At first, I made self-portraits just about my general life. I then moved onto some very experimental color work while I was living and producing work in Greece.

But the work I'm most proud of is the series of images from my Senior Thesis. I thought I'd share a few of them as well as my artist statement. 

My artist statement: 

In this series of autobiographical self-portraits I attempted to explore visually what “self” means as an identical twin. Experiencing every developmental stage of life with another person who is experiencing the exact developmental stage at the same time makes the idea of self more convoluted.  For much of my life, I felt as though many people grouped my twin sister and me together. Growing up, it was strange to look into a mirror and see myself peering back. It was automatically assumed that I was the exact replica of my twin sister, Laura, and that she was mine. When we were separated physically for college, it took me a long time to figure out who I was as an individual without her there. I realize, in some ways, our sense of self can never be considered without the other.

I use mirrors, reflections, and shadows as a metaphor for the feelings I have experienced of not always knowing my own identity and also having to take into account someone else when I do think about my own identity. I set up these images but I also use found reflections, shadows, and mirrors. I am inspired by my surroundings. But for this series in particular, my twin sister, who is the one person who can truly understand the feeling of not always knowing who you are without it being based on someone else, also inspires me.

When I graduated from University back in 2015 I needed to find some way to continue taking photographs. I also wanted a way to take photographs that had less meaning. I wanted photography to be fun again. So, I started this blog. It has definitely been a hard transition from the photography I used to do but I do really enjoy it.

This was a bit of a long post but I hope you enjoyed it! I want to start incorporating more of my interests and my life in this blog and this seemed like a good start.