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 It can be really hard for me to find clothes that fit me properly or fit me the way I like. I'm terribly short and it can be expensive to alter pieces so whenever I find jeans I try and make sure I don't need to get them hemmed or that sleeves aren't too long on shirts. So, these jeans work perfectly! I can almost wear them without rolling them up but they get a little too bunched for my liking. 

I'm always so afraid to wear these jeans but then every time I do wear them I remember why I love them. They're comfortable and go with pretty much everything. I'm trying to wear them as much as possible before it gets too hot here but for now, I'm embracing the chilly weather and wearing jeans! 

I thrifted this button down a month or so ago for work. It's from Ralph Lauren and a size small "petite" so it fits me perfectly! I love finding petite clothing at the thrift stores because it's not something I actively pursue but probably should. The sleeves actually fit - imagine that! But it can be quite a challenge for me to find button ups I don't have to get altered or can only wear tucked in because they are oversized. 

Shirt: Thrifted (similar)
Jeans: TJ Maxx (similar
Shoes: Target

Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit? 
Let me know what you think in the comments!



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Mother's Day Gift Ideas with Modcloth!

*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own*

Mother's Day is quickly approaching so I thought I'd bring you some gifts to give your mom if you're scrambling like I am! I've never done a 'wishlist' post but they seem like fun.

Modcloth is one my favorite stores so it's definitely not hard to find the perfect gift (and maybe something for yourself!). It can get a little pricey but I think I've found a few pieces that are pretty budget friendly! Plus, I've thrown in a few other ideas in case you didn't want to get a gift but do something else. 

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