Braided Updo Tutorial

I'm going to be totally honest here - I don't know anything when it comes to doing my own hair. I recently received the Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron, which is amazing but before doing that all I did was brush it and out the door I went! I used to have very short hair and I think this is the longest I've had my hair in maybe 7ish years!! So, I'm a hair novice. Let's put it that way. 

Using tutorials is really hard for me as I find it's very hard to look in a mirror to see if I'm doing things correctly (hi i can't see haha). So, I just decided to wing it with this look! No tutorial - just hours of experimenting. 

  1. I first like to straighten my hair just because I find it easier to work with/it's a lot longer!
  2.  I then take the front sections of hair and braid them behind. It's like a half up/half down ponytail but with a braid. 
  3.  I then take the hair that wasn't braided and separate them on each side of my head. Using the braid I already created, I make another braid. So, like I said you could just use one big braid but I find this makes it a little bit more interesting! 
  4.  I then take the end and pin it around the side so it created a bun-like affect. Super Easy! 
  5. (Optional) For this look, I like to tie a scarf around my head as I find it holds things in place a bit more. You can also tuck the end of the braid into the scarf so you can see it. Plus it gives it a fun vintage feel to the whole look! 

Let me know what you think of this hair tutorial in the comments!
 Do you want me to try other hairstyles? 




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