How to make money online feat. Dealspotr!

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I think I’ve mentioned it on the blog before but in my downtime, I love making some spare cash. From selling clothes online to taking online surveys, I’ve found quite a few ways to make a little extra pocket change for myself. And most of them can be done while you’re just hanging out at home watching TV or something. Taking online surveys can be quite tedious and frustrating but I think I’ve found a new way to make a little extra cash….


When the folks over at Dealspotr contacted me, I knew I had to check it out for myself. At first, I didn’t even realize you could earn money from it. Dealspotr is a coupon sharing website but it’s pretty cool because all the coupons are submitted and validated by real people! But the best part? When you validate various deals – you get rewarded!!

Let’s start with the coupon aspect of Dealspotr though. I’ve tried some other coupon websites (or even searching for coupons through google…) and none of them are as accurate as Dealspotr. Real people are checking these deals to see if they work and for how long they last. It’s pretty awesome! It’s also really easy to validate deals but I’ll touch on that in a bit.

How do you make money from this website you might be wondering?

So, when you sign up you have a daily checklist of things to accomplish. Most of them don’t take much time so it can be really easy to accumulate points pretty quickly. Most of the time it’s about validating deals. All you need to do is if you’re shopping online, you can take a screenshot of the deal you’ve used to validate it. You can also leave helpful tips about entering the code, which I found really useful. Sometimes online deals can be tricky to deal with.  

So, once you accumulate a certain amount of points you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards, which I think is pretty awesome. And I find it a lot easier than using Online survey websites. With those, most of the time you answer at least 20 questions and then you don’t even qualify for the survey!!! It can be so frustrating. But with dealspotr, you always qualify so you always earn points!

The other cool thing is that yes, this is a coupon site but it’s also the only coupon site that you don’t have to spend any money to reap the benefits. I’m all about that haha. I also didn’t think I was much of an online shopper but they have a huge variety of sites – not just fashion. They post airline deals to beauty, etc. It’s awesome!


One thing I do find a little tedious is trying to post a deal. I find someone else has already beaten me to it… pretty much always. It can be frustrating to try and post a deal and not get anything in reward. It’s the one thing I haven’t quite mastered on the site.

When I was first using the site, I found it a little difficult to find where things were (for example, how many points I had or how to validate a deal) but it just takes some time to explore the site. It’s also supposed to be a social platform but honestly, I don’t see myself using it in that regard. But overall, I'm a big fan. 

Have you ever used a site like this? 
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5 Tips for getting out of a fashion rut

I've talked about it a few times but I've been in quite the fashion rut, which is one of the reasons I took a blogging break. Perhaps it's because I'm hanging out with people who dress very casually. Perhaps it's because I've got other things that were filling the void I used to use fashion for but alas, I think I'm getting out of my rut. 

My five tips for getting out of a style rut

1. Clean out your closet

I didn't realize this was a step I was taking to get out of my rut but it was integral in figuring out what I want my wardrobe to look like. It helped me figure out the gaps in my wardrobe (that I'm still trying to fill...), what I needed to get rid of, and what I still really loved. I got rid of a lot of clothing I never wore, was too big/small, or I just didn't feel like was 'me' anymore. So, when I looked at my newly organized closet I started to feel more inspired. 

2. Read magazines

I bet as a blogger you weren't expecting this tip to come from me! But I have a special place in my heart for reading magazines. I love curling up on the couch with a nice magazine for an afternoon/evening of relaxation. While I don't think magazines are as relatable as bloggers, there is something nice about flipping through the pages once and a while. 

3. Make a style inspiration folder on your phone, computer, etc

I've been doing this for a few months and it's been helping a lot. Like I mentioned above, I love reading magazines but sometimes you just need some good street style inspiration. I save pictures from instagram, blogs, pinterest, etc onto my computer or phone and look at them when I need some inspiration. 

4. Try out unexpected combinations

I like to try out different combinations by randomly picking pieces from my wardrobe. A lot of times it doesn't work but when it goes, ohhh boy do you get an awesome new outfit! Sometimes I'll spend an afternoon or an evening trying out different looks from my closet. 

5. Switch up your beauty routine 

If I'm feeling "blah" about my wardrobe I like to experiment with my beauty routine. I'll throw on a fun eyeshadow or lipstick, try a new blush, whatever! Sometimes just throwing a new shade on my face gives me ideas of how to coordinate my outfit. Plus, it takes a little of the pressure off if I feel like I'm wearing a particularly boring outfit.
All Items in this post are thrifted. 

So there you have it! 
How do you get out of a style rut? 
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Feeling Blue

No More Modcloth for Me

Back in the Swing of Things

Please forgive me that my posts are so sporadic since I've been back. Sunday used to be my blogging and thrifting day. On Sunday, sometimes I would get two photo shoots done, write some posts, and be able to make it to goodwill! That isn't really the case anymore. I've been going to brunch with some really great people and then going to my running club, which has been taking up my entire day.... woops! So, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to manage my time and get back into blogging. 

I did manage to hit goodwill this weekend, which was really nice. I donated a big bag of clothes that just aren't my style anymore/don't fit and picked up some new gems including these awesome boots!! I'm so obsessed with them. I've been looking for some new black boots and these fit the bill perfectly. 

I was really inspired by my pal Devinne from Mox and Socks to start culling down my wardrobe. I've been noticing some shifts in my wardrobe lately i.e mostly wearing pants! But on this particular day, I felt like wearing a skirt on the weekend, which is pretty rare for me these days! 

I don't know why but I've been feeling more self-conscious in my wardrobe choices lately. I used to be okay with wearing really outlandish things or dressing up while others were so casually dressed but lately, I've been wanting to blend in. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm not entirely sure how to overcome this. 

Shirt: thrifted 
Skirt: forever 21 (old)
shoes: thrifted 
necklace: thrifted

Let me know what you think in the comments!