Reflecting on blogmas

The past few days weren't very successful for blogmas but today is the last day!! I'm currently waiting at the airport for my flight so I thought I'd get this post up before I head home. I think this happened last Christmas Eve as well... 

But I  thought I'd take some time to reflect on blogmas! I posted 16 posts in 24 days, 4 of which were videos (not too bad considering how sporadic my posts have been this year...). So, not the 24 I was hoping to complete but good enough for me. I actually really think this spurred my creativity when it comes to my blog. I have a lot of video ideas and blog posts I want to create now. 

I might post within the next week and I might not. I do have a discount haul coming this week but that's all I have pre-planned for the week. It was actually supposed to go up during blogmas... woops

 I'll be home visiting family so I'm going to try and take some blog photos but I normally end up being busier than I think when I'm home. But I think a little break might be nice. I actually really LOVED posting every day! It challenged me and made me think outside the box. I might keep doing it (maybe just the weekdays). While my engagement didn't grow too much, it did some. I really want this blog to grow into more. So, maybe 2018 is the year to do it! 

As for this outfit, this has been an outfit I've worn a lot in the past few years but have never gotten around to photographing it! It's a favorite of mine for work. I picked up this sweater on a whim when I was in college but it was maybe a dollar at the thrift store and I can't believe how much wear I've gotten out of it! My pants are from topshop, which I picked up on the sale a few years ago. Again, a purchase I didn't think would become a staple in my wardrobe! 

Sweater: Thrifted (similar)
Pants: Topshop (old) (similar)
Shoes: Payless 

Did you like blogmas? 

Let me know what you'd like to see in the new year in comments! 



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